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The York North Basketball Association (YNBA) is a not-for-profit sports organization that is committed to providing quality programs for children and young adults of all skill levels.

The goals of the YNBA are to encourage children to develop a love of sport as a lifelong activity as well as promote and develop basketball skills and to provide a training path for those who might choose high performance competition. To accomplish these goals it is essential that we recognize and nourish "the distinct stages of physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development in child athletes." (Canadian Sport for Life - A Sport Parents Guide, 7).

become a coach

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The YNBA is accepting coaching applications for both House League and REP.

Please complete the application below, all information must be filled out in order to be considered. Once completed, email one of the following.

House League - christian.fierro@ynba.ca

Rep - jen.little@ynba.ca

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Join the York North Basketball Association (YNBA) and help us inspire a lifelong love of sport in children and young adults, while promoting and developing their basketball skills through programs tailored to their distinct stages of physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional development.