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YNBA JUEL York Region

YNBA is proud to be the JUEL franchise holder for York Region.  We provide both a JUEL, JUEL Prep, and a JUEL Academy team.


2024/25 Tryouts

Thursday August 15:  Academy: 6-7pm, Prep: 7-8:30pm, JUEL:  8:30 - 10:00pm

Monday August 19: Academy: 6-7pm, Prep: 7-8:30pm, JUEL:  8:30 - 10:00pm

Tuesday August 20: Academy: 6-7pm, Prep: 7-8:30pm, JUEL:  8:30 - 10:00pm


All tryouts will be held at Magna Gym - 800 Mulock Dr Newmarket, ON L3Y 9C1


What is JUEL?
JUEL of Ontario is an independent basketball league providing opportunities for female athletes from grade 8 to 12 to play their way to the next level.

The JUEL League provides a ladder for players looking to play at the next level. Regular practices with, and against, the best players in their region, along with games against the best players in the province, have proven to be a recipe for success. JUEL’s relationship with the NCAA, U Sports, and OCAA has provided players with the best exposure and opportunities for basketball success.

JUEL Academy is for players in grade 8, JUEL Prep is for players in grades 9 and 10. JUEL is for players in grades 11 and 12.

What is the Player Commitment?
The JUEL League is an Elite level league and as such requires additional commitment from the players.

There will be three regular practices a week and 11 scheduled game weekends (1 preseason, 9 regular game, 1 championship weekend).  The player commits to attend all practices, games and tournaments with a positive attitude as well as keeping up with their schoolwork.

All players committed to play on a JUEL or JUEL Prep team cannot be listed on a roster or play on any other team(s) in other leagues during the current season (October 2024 – June 2025). This includes OBL, OBLx, OSBA or any other competitive team. As always, the only exception is the Girl’s High School season that begins in September and ends with the OFSAA Championships in November annually.

Additional information about JUEL
Additional information about JUEL, including the game schedule, can be found on the JUEL website.

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The goals of the YNBA are to encourage children to develop a love of sport as a lifelong activity as well as promote and develop basketball skills and to provide a training path for those who might choose high performance competition.